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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Letter 10 ~ September 16, 1918

Main Gate of Camp Funston, 1918

I tell Minnie how good it was to see her Sunday and confide my fear of becoming homesick. I describe receiving vaccinations and my expectations for going to the target range Friday and Saturday.

Addressed to Miss Minnie G. Frey, c/o J.E. Parkerson, Stockdale, Kansas
[Camp Funston, Kansas]
Monday Evening [September 16, 1918]

Dear Kid,

Well that shure was a measly old rain. We could have been together 2 more whole hours and believe me, hours & minutes count with me when I am with you. It must have gotten rather slippery before you got home but I suppose you got there alright. It shure was cold this morning and I was glad I took that blanket. We were issued a comforter tonight and maybe we can get some straw for our ticks tomorrow. Lots of the boys from other companies are getting it now. Gee! But you were a good sight to see yesterday and Oh! how I long to be with you again as I used to be. It seems so long ago to me. I don’t know how it seems to you.

We didn’t have to work very hard today. This afternoon I didn’t do enough to earn my supper but we will make up for it alright sooner or later. I used that comfort kit tonight when I cleaned up for retreat. It shure is a dandy but it will make me think of you so much I am afraid I will get homesick. Not being worked very hard today & just after seeing you, I feel a little blue tonight. You must write everyday a nice big long letter & send it everyday too so I can have something new to think of you instead of just memories, not that they are not pleasant – far from it – but because it reminds me of a time I may never see again. You don’t know how it is to stand in line & see other boys get letters & packages & not get one yourself. But I ought not to complain because you have written oftener than I have anyway. I don’t know whether you liked it or not to be kissed in public by a soldier boy, after having heard certain things you have said, but if you don’t like it, just write me not to do it again the next time I see you and I will do the best I can not to. I won’t say I won’t.

One of the boys who lived in Manhattan [had his] wife come up yesterday & brought a doctor’s certificate showing that he had his 3 inoculations, so he got off on a 24-hour pass. I sure wish I could. How would you like to see me drive up there some fine evening on Saturday or Sunday?

Our sergeant said today that we would go on the range Friday & Saturday, get our last “shot” Saturday afternoon & I have hopes that we will be jerked out of this hole in 7 or 8 days.

I went back to the kitchen last night after you folks left and I sure filled up. The cooks had held back a whole five gallon freezer of cream. We had just all we could [eat] – peaches, grapes, etc. – all we wanted but to pay for that we had to peel potatoes & scrub until about 9:30 o’clock. But I didn’t mind that in the least because I was thinking about you. My, but you did look sweet and I was in those old slouchy “rookie” clothes.

Well, other men want my place to write so I must close. Write often and don’t forget me. You are always in my mind. With lots of love for ever & ever. – Ward

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