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Monday, January 19, 2009

Letter 14 ~ September 18, 1918

Minnie tells me she is expected to set up a Red Cross Society in her school.

Addressed to Mr. Ward C. Griffing, 25th Company, 164th Depot Brigade, Camp Funston, Kansas
[Sherman, Kansas]
Wednesday evening, [September 18, 1918]

My Dearest Boy:

It’s trying to rain and hail here again this evening. By the looks of the clouds I guess you are getting some of it.

One of the boys in my school got sick today and had to go home. I stopped in tonight on my way home to see how he was. I guess he’ll be out for a day or so. His mother said she was so glad to hear I was getting along so well with my school.

Twenty-one new books came for our library today. I was sure glad. They are fine. We began reading one today.

I had a letter from Miss Carey today and she wanted me to be prompt with my monthly report, and I don’t have any idea what report that is. I can’t imagine I’ve never been told about my monthly report. And she wants all the teachers that haven’t already to organize a Red Cross Society in school. I haven’t as yet. We have been pretty busy so far.

The boys had a cap scrap today. I just let them go but I thought it would be funny if it didn’t end up in a quarrel, and sure enough – it did. After school tonight I saw Ora and one of the twins fussing and I said, “What’s the matter Ora?” And he said, “They have my cap and won’t give it back.” I said, “Lloyd (I didn’t know whether it was Lloyd or Floyd [Krouse]), give Ora’s cap back to him, and we’ll have no more cap fights.” Lloyd said, “Well I’ll give his back to him when his’n gets ‘Flips.’ Him throwed his’n away and Flip can’t find it. He can’t have this till him find our’n.” I just snorted out, “By who’s orders?” Lloyd began to cry and said he could have it. Altogether a different tune. Then I made Ora get ‘Flips’ cap and they all walked home together the best of friends.

Ward, you were not right when you said these kids would use better English than I because they had had good teachers. These children use the worst English I have ever heard in my life. It’s just awful.

Only one more sheet of writing paper left.

I sure thought today I was getting sick. You know Sunday I said I felt so warm and my face was burning so? Well we had spells of feeling that way every since and tonight when I came home from school, I felt so odd. I sat down for awhile and just felt so tired. I told Mrs. Parkerson I was just tired out. Then I came upstairs and got to feeling so dizzy and sick I had a notion to tell Mrs. Parkerson that I couldn’t eat supper, but finally I did go down and ate a big supper and now I feel fine again. Only my face feels so flushed. I may be taking a cold again, I don’t know.

I am sure planning big on your coming home a week from Saturday. Surely you’ll be able to by that time. I’m just going to work my head off making out grade cards, etc., so I can come home. You know it will be the end of the first month.

My boy, when I look at your picture, I wish I could just squeeze you harder than I ever have, but I bet you’re glad I don’t get the chance to or if I could just stroke your pretty soft hair I would be so happy. Good night, darling -- Minnie

  • Reppie Carey was the 57 year-old County Superintendent of Public Instruction who lived on Poyntz Avenue in Manhattan, Kansas.

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