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Friday, February 6, 2009

Letter 37 ~ October 6, 1918

Minnie tells me she is disappointed no opportunity arose for us get together on Sunday but she enjoyed a visit with my mother nonetheless.

Addressed to Mr. Ward C. Griffing, 25th Company, 164th Depot Brigade, Camp Funston, Kansas
[Sherman, Kansas]
Sunday Evening, October 6, 1918

Dearest Ward:

Well, I’m back to my school again without a very exciting weekend. Friday night I went down to Strong school house [because] they had a program. Rev. McClelland and his son, Capt. McClelland, both gave a talk. It was good.

Saturday evening I went over to see your mother. I guess we staid pretty late. [My sister] Bertha, Papa, and [my brother] Wayne went to the [picture] show downtown. This morning I went to church. When I came home I called your mother and asked if she didn’t want to go for a ride. She said yes, so we went over and got Carol [Cunningham] and her and brought them with us when we came up here. I knew she would be awfully lonesome and she felt bad because you couldn’t come home. I thought it would take her mind off of it some maybe. [Your brother] Willis went downtown this afternoon to take some films so she was alone.

I’m going home next Friday evening. It’s my last chance to see Bertha before she leaves, and most of all I expect to see you. If you can come next Saturday evening, let us know and maybe one of the families can be up there when you get off and can bring you home. We can be together that much more then. I have hopes of them lifting the quarantine the last of the week. Good night, Boy. – Minnnie G. Frey

Monday morning – 11:15
I thought I would get a chance this morning to write some more but didn’t. I will write a longer letter tonight. Willis saw one of the boys from your company Saturday evening. He said he had seen you and you were alright, so that was good news. Yours, -- Minnie G. Frey

  • Everett Wayne Frey was one of Minnie’s younger brothers. Wayne was born 29 October 1905.

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