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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Letter 54 ~ October 13, 1918

Minnie writes me from Manhattan on Sunday night to say she has had long talk with Stella Munger.

Addressed to Mr. Ward C. Griffing, 25th Company, 164th Depot Brigade, Camp Funston, Kansas

Manhattan, Kansas
Sunday evening, [October 13, 1918]

My Dearest Boy:

Well, it’s Sunday evening and this is the first time that I’ve spent at home without you here. It seems like I’ve been at Sunday school all afternoon and am waiting to hear your knock at the door. I almost listen for it in spite of myself.

After dinner today, we hurried over to your place to leave the candy for Conrow’s to take. We got over there (Bertha, Ruth, Lester & I). Conrow’s hadn’t come yet so we stayed. They came after awhile, then after they left, we took your mother and Carol over to Munger’s with us.

We all sat around in the parlor and talked. Stella [Munger] and I had a real talk for the first time since we’ve been teaching. You can just imagine how we sounded, can’t you? Lots worse than a pack of geese. Lester took Dean down to meet the [interurban railway] car. Lina, Carol and Charlie went along. [Your brother] Willis had gone downtown this afternoon. Your mother left a note telling him where we had gone, so he came over to Munger’s when he came home.

I thought maybe I’d have some news for you when I came home from Munger’s but I guess I haven’t. Stella is going to have a box supper night after Halloween. I’m going out if I can. It’s going to be on Friday night.

Roy is up to Arnold’s this evening. We noticed him when we came by there tonight. I almost envy Ethel [Arnold] tonight. But darling, I think my boy is so much better that it isn’t hard if you don’t see him. Thoughts of you, Boy, are to me, what seeing their lover is to some girls. When I see some soldier boys get out their cigarettes and light them, then my thoughts go right to you. And oh how proud I am of you. I would liked to have crawled in the car with Conrow’s, but I was afraid the folks would miss me.

Well, Ward, papa is ready to take the milk [to town] and I want to go and take this letter and mail it. Hope you got everything alright this afternoon. I hope and pray that tomorrow we will hear from some source that you are well. Lots of love dear, -- Minnie

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