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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Letter 68 ~ October 24, 1918

Minnie writes me all the news from Manhattan.

Addressed to Mr. Ward C. Griffing, 25th Company, 164th Depot Brigade, Camp Funston, Kansas

Manhattan, Kansas
October 24, 1918

My Dearest Ward:

I’m sure going to half to write this in a hurry tonight if I get it sent with Papa – and I sure want to.

I suppose you know by now that General [Leonard] Wood is going to lift the quarantine Saturday noon. Isn’t that perfectly great? I’m so happy I’m almost flying. Sure am looking for you home this weekend. Hope you are well yet. Everybody here is alright now. I was talking to [your brother] Willis tonight. He says he’s been up nearly all day. He thinks someone ought to be giving a party [as it’s] getting near Halloween. I told him I didn’t think anyone ever thought of a party anymore.

I went downtown this afternoon, met Stella [Munger], and we were going up to Miss Stuart’s. Stella suggested that it might not be a bad idea to call and see if she was to be at home before we went up. So we did. She was not there, but it happened we met her on the street. [We] had a dandy chat but short. She said High School didn’t seem the same since we left. They missed us. I don’t see how it could. It must be rather quiet since we’ve left.

Willis wanted to know why Ethel [Arnold] and I didn’t come over to see him. I told him I wanted to know it was perfectly safe first. I think I will go over the last of this week. I bet Willis sure gets lonesome housed up so long [with the flu].

My, I hope you won’t half to drill Sunday or anything like that. I can’t hardly write or think anything but that you are coming, coming, coming.

I ought to get your letter Saturday. Hope I do. Willis said you must be “broke.”

We talked to Georgia Moffit today. She said college wasn’t so very much fun. About all the boys belong to the S.A.T.C. and you can’t ever see any of them. She says her [school] work is easy tho. I’m glad to hear that because she is taking the general course and has some awfully hard subjects. And I am about to the place where I’m afraid to start in to college. [I’m] afraid I can’t learn and would flunk out in everything.

Don’t know for sure yet whether we will have school next week or not. My boy, it’s getting to seem like you are thousands of miles away. With lots of love dear, -- Minnie

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