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Monday, February 23, 2009

Letter 80 ~ October 31, 1918

I send my mother and brother a short letter to let them know I am done with the special training at Smoky Hill Flats and am back in the Detention Camp awaiting news of our transfers.

Addressed to Mrs. Hattie P. Griffing, Manhattan, Kansas

Camp Republican
October 31, 1918

Dear Folks,

Well, this is Halloween night. I suppose if I was home I might be at some party somewhere but I’ve had my last party for awhile, I guess. There is no news since I wrote last so this letter will be short.

I had to turn in my overcoat, gloves, and sweater when I left Smoky Hill Flats and I can’t get any over here so I get pretty cold sometimes. I haven’t gotten my winter clothes and I don’t know when I will get them either.

Our company was on guard the other night and there were three of the men posted to guard the prisoners. When it got dark, three prisoners escaped and these three guards that were supposed to be guarding the prisoners are now under arrest. If the prisoners are not caught, it will go mighty hard with them.

Men are still being transferred out of here and I may be yet. I haven’t drilled since I have come back.

I hope that Willis has found all the calves by now.

Well, I can’t think of anything more, so goodnight. -- Ward

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