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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Letter 87 ~ November 6, 1918

Minnie writes me about her school house repairs and Eben Scholer’s visit.

Addressed to Pvt. Ward C. Griffing, 164th Depot Brigade, 25th Company, Camp Funston, Kansas

Sherman [Kansas]
Wednesday Morning, [November 6, 1918]

Dear Boy:

Isn’t this the craziest weather? Looks so rainy and it’s just as warm as summer this morning. I wish it would clear off and stay clear. I want to go home Friday evening right after 4 o’clock.

School is going fine. The children seem to study better than before. I don’t half to speak severely hardly to any of them. It’s just great.

Mr. William Chalmers came up to the [Sherman] school house yesterday morning to bring some water. Our pump needs new leathers and we can’t get any water till it’s fixed. He said, “I hear that ‘spooks’ visited the school while you were gone.” He said he would get new latches for all the windows and get new screens for those that need it. The people couldn’t get in thru the windows anymore.

Isn’t the war news great, Ward? I’m sure anxious to see today’s paper. Last evening, the [Topeka] Capitol said that peace may come in 24 hours. If Germany accepted the terms, the Allies lay before her. I sure hope she does. Of course if she doesn’t, she can’t struggle on alone very much longer. But I’m so anxious for Germany to surrender.

I wonder if you are still at D[etention Camp] 2 or if you have been moved.

Eben [Scholer] came up here with us Sunday. I told them before we left that I bet Parkerson’s would think he was you. They did too. Mr. Parkerson talked quite awhile to Eben and didn’t know but what it was you till after they left. Mrs. Parkerson thought so till she was introduced to him.

I am sure glad to be back up here. I must go to school. Goodbye Ward, -- Minnie G. F.

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