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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sherman Township School in 1918-1919

Shown here are:
  • Minnie G. Frey's Letter of Recommendation for a Teacher's Certificate following graduation from Manhattan Public Schools.
  • Minnie G. Frey's State of Kansas Teacher's Certificate.
  • Minnie G. Frey's Contract to teach school for seven months at $65/month.
  • Two views of Minnie G. Frey's hand held school bell.
  • A view of the children in Minnie G. Frey's school, taken in October 1918.
  • A view of the Sherman Township school house where Minnie G. Frey taught school during 1918-1919. This view was taken many years later after someone had added an anteroom over the front door and taken up residence in the school.

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