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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Letter 101 ~ November 21, 1918

Minnie writes me the news from Sherman Township where she is teaching school.

Addressed to Pvt. Ward C. Griffing, Co. E 20th Infantry, Camp Funston, Kansas

Sherman, [Kansas]
Thursday Morning, November 21, 1918

Dear Boy:

Well I guess it’s time I’m writing again. Had a letter from Mama Tuesday. She said you were home this last weekend. I received a letter from you Monday that you wrote a week ago yesterday so I knew you hadn’t left Camp Funston Monday but not before.

Sunday we spent the day with Art Chalmers [and his wife Lena at their home in Grant, Kansas]. Had a dandy time in the evening. Then we went to the revival meetings up at the church.

I’ve been awfully busy with my school work this week. We’re trying to make up lost work. I’m not going to teach on Saturdays until after Xmas, if I do at all. We’re not going to have any Xmas vacation excepting one day. That may be all I’ll have to make up. I noticed in yesterday’s paper that the Teacher’s Meeting was to be postponed until January because of the ‘flu.’ That sure makes me peeved. But I guess it is best for all.

Isn’t this weather the limit? I’m going home this weekend sure. I can go down on the ‘Blue Valley’ [Railroad] and come back Sunday afternoon. Come to Riley, and then Mr. Brown will bring me out here. Since there is not going to be any Teacher’s Meeting, I will be home all Thanksgiving vacation – four days. Hurrah! Wish you could be home then too. I thought perhaps they would want me to teach on Friday but Mrs. Parkerson said they wouldn’t. She said I would want to go home for Thursday, then come back for Friday, then go home again Friday evening or Saturday and they wouldn’t expect me to do that just for one day.

I’m sure sorry Stella [Munger] has the ‘flu.’ It will put her back so with her work. Maybe I’ll hear from you today. I’d better – only one letter. Goodbye, -- M. F.
  • Probably Tom Brown, a 47 year-old garage mechanic. In the 1920 Census, he is the only Brown living in Madison Township where the town of Riley, Kansas was located.

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