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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Letter 107 ~ December 4, 1918

I write my mother and brother about the possibility of my being transferred to Ft. Brady up in Michigan.

Addressed to Mrs. Hattie P. Griffing, Manhattan, Kansas

Camp Funston
December 4, 1918

Dear Folks,

Well, I got my four-day pass just in time because when I got back here there was an order posted to the effect that no more furloughs, four-day passes, or weekend passes would be issued until further notice. This was dated the 28th and I got my pass on the 26th. The reason given was that the railroad systems were too crowded. Someone said that the 69th Regiment were getting four-day passes again so maybe I can get a weekend pass after awhile.

I called for my mail when I got back and along with three or four letters, I got that package we thot was lost. It had been lying there in the orderly room for quite awhile, I guess. A mouse had gnawed a hole in it and the fudge was dry but it disappeared anyway.

While I was gone, the men had been issued caps and gloves so I got mine Saturday afternoon. All the caps that were left were too small so mine just sits on my head.

Lieutenant Pierpont told me something Monday afternoon after parade that I don’t know whether to believe or not, and I don’t suppose I ought to say anything about it because it is so uncertain. He said that the 20th and 41st [Regiments] were just unlucky and had been picked out to be held after the rest of the division had been discharged. He said that we couldn’t expect to be discharged for six months. He said tho that we would leave this camp within two weeks but he didn’t know where. We heard later tho that the 2nd Battalion (that’s the one I am in) was going to Ft. Brady, Michigan, up near the Canadian line for guard duty. I sure hate the idea of going that far north for the winter but maybe we won’t. We have had so many false alarms that we can’t be sure until we are on the train, but indications point toward our staying in for a time yet because the other night we had our equipment remarked and they issued some leggings, shirts, and hats to those whose clothes were nearly worn out. I got another pair of shoes.

We haven’t been paid yet but I think we will be soon. I meant to bring that letter paper up with me this time but forgot all about it. Will you put that Larkin paper in that box of notepaper of mine and send them both up?

I am sore all over today. I played in the [football] game against H Company yesterday and it was a hard game. This sure is fine weather to pasture cattle, isn’t it? I sure hope it stays this way. Goodbye, -- Ward


  1. I note that Ward's 20th is described as an Infantry Division. I think this should be the 20th Infantry Regiment.

    Michigan in the winter! Even Kansas boys will have trouble with that. Here's hoping that Ward spends the spring on the farm.

  2. Good catch, David. I'll correct. I can't imagine Fort Brady in the winter. Fortunately for Ward, he gets transferred to a more southern latitude. - wg