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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Letter 115 ~ December 14, 1918

The Camp Funston Library where Ward "made a pretty good start" reading all the books.

I tell Minnie what we've been doing at Camp Funston while waiting to be sent to West Virginia.

YMCA Letterhead
Addressed to Miss Minnie G. Frey, Stockdale, Kansas

Camp Funston
[Saturday] December 14, 1918

Dear Kid,

I have been sent over here to the “Y” & help answer the telephone & to run errands, etc. It doesn’t keep me very busy so I will try & write a little in between.

Passes are not being issued today except in cases of severe illness or death so of course I won’t get one. It seems like a long time since I have seen you now. What will it be by spring or summer or whenever I do see you? It seems too bad that you won’t be able to give a nice Xmas program as you had planned but I suppose the kids won’t mind it much if they don’t have to learn anything. I kind of hate to see Xmas coming because I am afraid my Christmas will be a little lonesome. It will be strange to say the least. Some of the store windows are already decorated I noticed last night and it sort of startled me & kind of made me homesick. We always thot a good deal of Xmas at home.

I don’t suppose you came home today or I would try & call you up this evening. I am going to get the folks if I can.

We didn’t drill Thursday & Friday but just hung around the barracks except when we all had to go to the parade ground & see a football game in the rain.

I don’t know what I would have done when we were idle if it hadn’t been for the Camp Library. There are lots of good books there & I have made a pretty good start at reading them. I have put in more time just lying around reading this week than I have ever before. Our company is on guard today but I didn’t have to. I guess we will get all the guard we want before the winter is over with.

We are going to leave tomorrow or Monday. Some of the companies of this regiment have already left. Most of the boys are wild to get out of here. They think Funston & Kansas are about two of the worst places this side of the infernal regions to hear them talk.

It looks as tho tomorrow would be a nice day. Gee, I wish I could come up & see you but it’s not what we want that makes us rich in this world. I wonder if you remember our first Xmas night together as I do? That was some time ago & lots of things have happened between & I expect lots of things will happen before we have another together too.

Well, Good Bye. Minnie, I do believe I’ll try to call the folks now. With lots of love, -- Ward

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