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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Letter 127 ~ January 13, 1919

I write my mother to let her know how I'm doing in Nitro, West Virginia. Not wanting to worry her, I fail to mention playing hob in Charleston the previous weekend.

Addressed to Mrs. Hattie P. Griffing, Manhattan, Kansas

Nitro, West Virginia
January 13, 1919

Dear Folks,

I just returned off guard this morning. This one was only my second guard. I missed a turn when I was away. After the 16th, we will have to stand guard about twice as often because the plant is going to be turned over to the ordinance department and the U.S. Guards are to be discharged. That will make one man stand guard 1 day out of four. There is no drilling so the work is not hard, but it is very monotonous and tiresome.

I wish you folks were having the kind of weather we are now. It certainly is great. It is warm and the sun is nice and bright. It reminds me of spring weather in Kansas. It is nasty underfoot, however.

The Y.W.C.A. secretaries gave a party and invited thirty boys from each company. I got to go and we had a pretty good time. There were just exactly enough girls to go around so that made it nice. We played games and did stunts and had some drills and marches.

We were paid last Friday. There isn’t any news because there isn’t much doing. I haven’t heard from you folks for a few days but I trust you are all well. With love, -- Ward

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