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Friday, March 20, 2009

Letter 134 ~ January 31, 1919

Carol Cunningham and her grandmother, Hattie P. Griffing

I tell my mother Hattie and my brother Willis that I expect to be discharged from duty by March 1st.

Addressed to Mrs. Hattie P. Griffing, Manhattan, KS

Nitro, West Virginia
January 31, 1919

Dear Folks,

I just came off guard again this morning. A fellow gave me my mail. In it was the picture of you and Carol. I think it looks pretty good and I was very glad to get it.

We have just gotten thru with tooth inspection. It may have something to do with the physical examination, which is always given before discharges are issued. I suppose all teeth needing attention will have to be fixed before a man can get out. I hope they do tend to the teeth because I knocked some fillings out [on the train] coming down here ad have been wanting to have them fixed but there has been no dentist here.

Last Wednesday I was called into the orderly room along with about a dozen others to sign our application for discharge. All those like myself whose folks have sent affidavits were the ones called. It is encouraging to know that something is being done even if it is slow. Of course it may do no good but I really believe that I will be home by March 1.

Willis, have you made any arrangements about seed corn?

There isn’t much going on here now. The place will be shut up entirely pretty soon and then it will be a lonesome old hole.

I wish I was home now to help pull stumps but if I get out by March 1, we can do a lot of that kind of work. We hear that most of the boys have left [Camp] Funston. They won’t be treating us fair if we don’t get out pretty soon but so long as we are on duty we can’t tell what will happen.

Well, I think I will catch up some of the sleep I lost while on guard last night so I will close. Yours internally, -- Ward

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