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Friday, February 20, 2009

Letter 74 ~ October 28, 1918

Minnie writes me that she expects to go back to Sherman Township to teach her school the following week.

Addressed to Ward C. Griffing, 25th Company, 164th Depot Brigade, Camp Funston, Kansas
Manhattan, Kansas
October 28, 1918

My Dearest Boy:

Didn’t it seem fine to see the sun this morning? Everything seemed so bright and nice – but it seems to be getting a little cloudy again. I hope it doesn’t.

I have been writing in the evening and sending it with Papa most of the time, but I’m afraid he will forget to mail it sometime so I’m going to write in the evening and send out on the route the next day after this.

Well about tomorrow you will be coming into camp, won’t you? Will you still have special drill there with the Company you were with out on the [Smoky Hill] Flats or will you be just the same as before?

[My sister] Bertha received a telegram from [her husband] Charlie [Scholer] this morning. Bertha couldn’t hear so very well so we are going down to get it this afternoon. He wants her to come in two weeks with Capt. Seaton, and he had a new place out from Washington [D. C.].

What did you think of my school? You didn’t think much of it I guess or you would have said. The picture looks like any group of youngsters but it’s interesting when you know them.

I have a lot to do for my school this week, I’m sure. I’ll be able to go back next week. As soon as I find out just when the Bi-monthly comes, I’m going to begin planning for a program for us to have when we have a social sometime between Thanksgiving and Xmas. The children are pretty small but I’m sure crazy to have a good one anyway.

What time did you get over to camp last evening? It seems funny to think that just yesterday morning I ate breakfast with you. I hope it will be clear and dry next Sunday. Then if you get to come home, you can run your car. And if you don’t get off, I suppose we can go up there if it’s nice. Goodbye, dear boy, -- Minnie Frey

P.S. I started to address your letter last night, “Pvt. W.C. Griffing.” You corrected me when I said “Mr. Somebody” Sunday evening. You said, “They aren’t Mr. when they are in the Army.” But Eben said, “No, Mr. sounds lots better and it doesn’t make any difference.” So I left it clear off. It will get to you either way. But Pvt. is really right, is it not?

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