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Friday, February 20, 2009

Letter 73 ~ October 28, 1918

Post Card Addressed to Miss Minnie G. Frey, Manhattan, Kansas
Post Marked: Junction City, Kansas, October 28, 1918

Had our [mock] battle this P. M. & turned in our stuff tonight. Strike camp & go back to [Detention Camp] No. 2 tomorrow A. M.

We were complimented on our work here today & were reviewed by General [Leonard] Wood.

Hope to see you again soon. Sorry I couldn’t get back again Sunday [to see you]. -- [Ward C. Griffing]


  1. History is happening as Ward practices trench warfare. Yesterday the General Erich Ludendorff, one of the two men who ran the German war effort, resigned. He and Paul von Hindenberg had total control of the war and the German economy. The war caused the economy to collapse and citizens rioted in the streets over food. Germany simply could not sustain the conflict.

    On October 3, President Wilson received a note from the German government requesting an armistice. If Ward and Minnie are aware of any of this they don't mention it in their letters.

  2. Good observation. News seemed to be slow to trickle into rural Kansas. I believe President Wilson's response to the German government was mentioned in Minnie's letter on October 13, 1918. -- wg