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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Letter 89 ~ November 6, 1918

I write my mother and brother to let them know I'm still at Detention Camp 2 (Camp Republican) and that we hear peace may soon be at hand.

Addressed to Mrs. Hattie P. Griffing, Manhattan, Kansas

Camp Republican
November 6, 1918

Dear Folks,

I got your letter tonight that you wrote Tuesday. I have been anxious to know how Willis’ hand was getting along and was glad to learn that it was alright. It is bad weather tonight. I hope you have gotten the hay up. Have you found those lost calves yet?

I am sure getting tired of waiting for a transfer. About 17 or 18 are to be transferred tomorrow but I am not one of them. When this war is over and someone asks me where I fought and in what organization, I hope I won’t have to tell him I was in the Depot Brigade all the time and only fought bed bugs.

I heard that the 10th Division has stopped moving until further orders. I suppose the reason for that is because of the German Peace Note. Things seem to be dragging out here as tho there was no need of hurrying up the training of new men. It looks as tho the Allies would have an easier time of invading Germany now than ever before and they may be able to do it shortly.

We haven’t been paid yet but maybe we will be by tomorrow. Well, there isn’t much news. I expect it will be pretty cold in the morning. I am feeling fine and hope you all are. With love, -- Ward

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