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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Letter 90 ~ November 6, 1918

Minnie writes me that the school board worked all day repairing the Sherman Township school house where she teaches.

Addressed to Pvt. Ward C. Griffing, 164th Depot Brigade, 25th Company, Camp Funston, Kansas

Sherman [Kansas]
[Wednesday evening] November 6, 1918

My Dearest Boy:

Well isn’t this a stormy old evening. My but the weather acts funny. I waited at the schoolhouse tonight till one shower was over then I started home. I sure did get soaked. It rained awfully hard here tonight.

The school board worked all day at the schoolhouse today doing what they should have done during the vacation. They put new latches on all the windows and new screens. Also fixed the pump.

School’s going just fine. Nothing very exciting happens. But I just can’t get over Ray’s leaving school. It never can be so interesting without him.

If it hadn’t rained Parkerson’s were going to Alta Vista [Kansas] tomorrow to attend a sale. I was going to stay at Mr. Scott’s till they came home. I’m rather sorry they’re not going. I would like to go down there.

I got four letters today but none of them was the letter. I don’t suppose I will hear from you for awhile tho – unless you wrote before you were transferred, if you were transferred.

Round Robin’ came today. I sure like to get [it]. I hear from all the girls that way and it’s sure a lot of reading. They all write so fine so as to get a lot in as small a space as possible.

If it don’t stop raining I’m afraid I won’t get home this weekend. But of course there’s plenty of time for it to do that.

My, but I hope you are at Camp Funston, Boy, and not a thousand miles away or on your way for a distant camp. My, as I sit here thinking, I just wonder where you might be. I have no idea whatsoever.

I wonder how Willis’ hand is? I sure hope it gets well quick.

Today is [my brother] Jesse’s birthday. He’s twenty-four years old. I just now happened to think of it. Wish I could see him. Goodnight Ward, -- Minnie G. Frey

  • Round Robin refers to the practice of forwarding a letter among a group of correspondents, each adding their own bit of news. Minnie and her girlfriends from Manhattan shared information about what was happening in their lives this way. If they only had e-mail...

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