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Monday, March 2, 2009

Letter 103 ~ November 25, 1918

Minnie writes me after visiting her folks in Manhattan over the weekend.

Addressed to Pvt. Ward C. Griffing, Co. E 20th Infantry, Camp Funston, Kansas

Stockdale, Kansas
Monday Morning, [November 25, 1918]

Dearest Ward;

I wanted to write to you last night but didn’t get a chance. I’ve a lot to tell you but not enough time – only fifteen minutes.

I called your mother Saturday evening and told her you called. She was glad to hear from you. I went to a [picture] show last night. It was fairly good; have seen lots better tho. Sunday we went over to Munger’s in the morning. Stella [Munger] said she would go home with us for dinner if I would wait till she got her things ready so she could go right out to her school as soon as she came home. So we went down to your place while we were waiting. [My brother] Lester wanted to see [your brother] Willis, but didn’t get to. He (Willis) had been out ever since early in the morning looking for his cows.

Your mother said she wrote to me last Sunday evening. She put the wrong address on the letter tho. So I didn’t get it. Sorry I didn’t.

Papa brought me home [to Sherman Township] last evening. He didn’t have to bring me any farther than Chalmer’s. Parkerson’s and their company was there. They waved at us so we stopped. We came home after supper and Hoffmans came down. We played the Edison [phonograph] and I nearly “died a laughing” if I ever did. Parkerson’s haven’t played it for a long time and before we oiled it and fixed it up some it sounded just awful.

Did I tell you about Parkerson’s company? [They are] Mr. & Mrs. Mondfort from Ohio. He is a very good friend of Mr. Parkerson’s but they haven’t been together for 17 years. He has all gold teeth and wears a wig. I just discovered they were ‘newlyweds.’ He is 59 and she is 58 -- the jolliest, nicest people. I wish they would stay. They are just like a couple of kids and Oh so sweet on one another.

Left my keys down home. Sure hope I see you. With love, -- M. F.

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