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Monday, March 2, 2009

Letter 104 ~ November 26, 1918

Minnie writes me to say she wishes she were home when she hears I'm expected to get a four-day pass for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Addressed to Pvt. Ward C. Griffing, Co. E 20th Infantry, Camp Funston, Kansas

Stockdale, Kansas
Tuesday, 11:25 A.M. [November 26, 1918]

Dear Ward:

I am doing something I thought I would never do [and] that is write during school but I am ahead just a little and I want to get this off in today’s mail. It being so nice today, he may come a little early.

Just think, you were to go home in about half an hour now. I sure hope you get to. If you do, I will see you before this letter gets to you but [I'll write anyway just] in case something should happen that you didn’t get to go home.

I wonder if they ever said any more to you about letting the gun stack fall. I don’t believe they will, to you it doesn’t look like it would be at all right for them to. I hope nothing interferes with your coming home today. I sure want you to be there tomorrow when I get home.

Our company is going to leave today. Parkinson’s took them to Manhattan yesterday. They did intend to go to Camp Funston but they didn’t.

Your mother said Mr. Finney told Willis that Kate [Taylor] and Frank [Blair] were married and were keeping it quiet. I don’t believe it at all but I don’t see what Finney wanted to tell that for if he didn’t know something about it. It can’t be true tho.

I haven’t anything new to write about. I wish I were going home today noon. I’m afraid if it clouds up again [and rains], I won’t get home till Thursday noon. I intend to go on the freight Wednesday night if the folks don’t come for me. But I may not get to.

Had a couple of letters from you yesterday. Good bye, Minnie G.F.
  • Probably Herbert C. Finney, a 56 year-old store manager with a residence on Fremont Street in Manhattan, Kansas.

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