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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Letter 111 ~ December 8, 1918

The General Review of the 10th Division held on December 7, 1918
Ward Griffing paraded with men of the 20th Infantry Regiment

I tell Minnie about the 10th Division parade review in which I participated at Camp Funston. I also fill her in on what I did while on a pass to Manhattan on Sunday.

Addressed to Miss Minnie G. Frey, Stockdale, Kansas

At home [Manhattan, Kansas]
December 8, 1918

My little Girl,

My, but today has sure been a beautiful one, hasn’t it? This is the kind of day I would like to walk with you up to “our” rock. You know that place up in the hills where we fixed those sticks?

The parade came off yesterday & I was like a drop in the bucket. It was quite a sight & one I will remember for a long time. It will probably be the last time I will ever see so many trained men in a body. To my notion, there are but few things more pretty & grand than to see a well trained body of soldiers on parade -- the colors flying & the band playing & each one in perfect step. I tell you it gets into a fellow’s blood. Our regiment got back to the barracks after the parade about 11:30 & I asked for a pass & got it. They started granting four-day passes too the other day. We started off for the parade before daylight Saturday morning.

I thot sure that Willis would have the car fixed up by today. I wanted to come up [to Stockdale] yesterday afternoon or today [to visit you] but they had to send away for an [ignition] coil so it is still down town. It may be tho that I can use it next time if I am still in the country & the weather permits.

We are supposed to be on our way to Ft. Brady [in Michigan] some time this week but the fact is, I don’t believe we will get to go because they are issuing passes out of the regiment. I wouldn’t mind going up there just about a month but I do hope I can get home to help Willis out this spring [with the farming]. He will have it pretty tough if I don’t. I am beginning to believe that I won’t leave Camp Funston.

Willis & I went with the Hays [boys] hunting jack rabbits this morning. We went over to the college pasture back of your place. Caught three jacks. We saw your [Frey] boys & Arnold boys playing football over in your pasture so we went over there & fooled around with them awhile. They said that they went up & saw the parade yesterday. It sure was a fine day & the roads were pretty good too.

It is nearly Christmas, isn’t it? I expect you are getting ready for a Christmas program. I hope I can get home for Christmas dinner at least. Are you going to get down anytime before Xmas?

Keep well & write often. – Ward C. Griffing

General Wood, State Governors and Staff Reviewing the 10th Division at Camp Funston


  1. Those look like French officers on the far right. Ward mentioned them helping with training in earlier letters.

  2. Yes, they certainly do look like French officers; probably advisers.