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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Letter 112 ~ December 11, 1918

Minnie writes me about several new cases of flu in her school.

Addressed to Pvt. Ward C. Griffing, Co E 2oth Infantry, Camp Funston, Kansas

Stockdale High School
[Wednesday night] December 11, 1918

Dear Ward:

I have been outlining my book this evening. I got over eighty-three pages. I think that’s pretty good for one evening. My hand aches so I can hardly write now.

I only have one girl at school now. Five [out of 17] of my pupils are out because of the “ flu.” I’ve been working on a Xmas program but am afraid it won’t amount to much but we can’t have anything in the evening anyway if there’s only a few of us going to school. If we can’t have a program, we can have a good time anyway. I know of lots of things we can do.

So you got a pass last Sunday and was home. I read in today’s paper that Camp Funston was quarantined so you were lucky getting home. They may not let you go again for awhile.

I would have gone home last Sunday eve for about 80 minutes. Chalmers went down to take some of their folks and came back again that night. They said if they had only thought they would have asked me to go along. I wish I could have.

I wonder if you are on your way to another camp? You would be going by this time, wouldn’t you, if you are to go?

I had a letter from you and Mama yesterday. About all either of you talked about was that [Grand] Review last Saturday. It sure made me provoked when I wanted to see it so much and couldn’t. I don’t have any idea when I’ll get home again. I may get to this weekend but probably not.

If you are home for Xmas dinner, you will be likely do better than I. If it should happen to be bad [weather] Xmas eve so the folks couldn’t come for me, I would be doomed to stay here. I don’t believe the Blue Valley train runs on Christmas Day (It never hardly does go if it can possibly escape).

I wish you could have come up last Sunday. It sure would have been fine. There’s not any news and it’s getting late. I’m almost asleep. Good night Ward, -- Minnie

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